MUE Email Importer, A Tool That Anyone Can Use
The MUE Software works the way you need it to work. With a few little details that you already
have you can start your email transfer in 15 minutes.

Take your email with you, don't stress about losing or leaving your email behind.
Even if you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, you will be able to move thousands of your emails
to a new web host.

MUE  Retrieves and Imports Email.

We created this soon to be popular new software, so you can continue business with no down time due to lost or hard to reach email.  MUE is fast, simple, and secure. The MUE easy interface grabs Email from Gmail accounts and GoDaddy accounts, and stores them on your server side cPanel.

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Easy interface
Import GMail Email folder to folder
Retains your original Email formatting!
Fill in the Fields
Check your folders and hit backup!

The best part: MUE transfers your email completely intact. We mean: HTML emails, attachments, images that are embeded in the email, subject lines, dates, from and the to lines! Just like your originals, directly to cPanel.

Previous to this software, small businesses simply would just have to part ways with years of email by putting their heads down, turning away and taking it as a loss.... Or painstakingly backing up the most important emails by hand, or even keep paying for their old accounts long after transferring their domain . Yep.

MUE Is Great, for Site Owners and Web Developers who are looking to upgrade from GoDaddy or GMail to their server space. Whether dedicated or colocated. This new software retrieves all your important and wanted Email.

Super easy email imports make switching to your new host a no stress experience. Quickly, simply, MUE lets you start fresh at a new cPanel webhost without leaving a thing behind.

Keep your email - don't leave it behind! Just like voicemail on your old cellphone, the emails you received at GoDaddy or Gmail include priceless resources - from contracts and testimonials to those sentimental favorites you just don't want to loose. So don't.

Intuitive Interface makes what was once an impossibility even for trained IT professionals a simple task for anyone. Just type in some information, hit import, and take your email with you. It's that easy.


??? Questions Before You Buy ???


Does MUE transfer attachments?
Yup - MUE Support Team

Is there a maximum number of emails that can be transferred?
Nope: Transfer as many emails as you need - MUE Support Team

Is there a maximum size limit for attachments?
Nope: We've never had that stop us  - MUE Support Team

How long will it take?
Depends how many emails you have to transfer. Transfer times range anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight. - MUE Support Team

Will MUE work with my new server?
Yup, MUE has been successfully tested on 
--- Verve Hosting

--- 1&1 Hosting
--- and Most cPanel Servers
We test as we go - MUE Support Team

Can MUE transfer subfolders?
MUE can import email subfolders for Gmail - to - CPanel imports.
You will need to set up folders with identical names on both the source and destination servers.

MUE only imports inbox contents for GoDaddy - to - Cpanel imports. This is because GoDaddy does not keep subfolder contents on the same mail server as inboxes
 - MUE Support Team

What am I going to do?!? I've got a ton of stuff in GoDaddy subfolders! Are they trapped there?
We recommend what is known as the “GoDaddy trick” – basically transferring the contents of subfolders into the inbox, one folder at a time, transferring via MUE to your destination server, and then putting the contents of that folder back where they were on GoDaddy and moving on to the next folder. If that sounded convoluted, it is only because it is convoluted, lol.

The GoDaddy Trick, by the MUE Support Team:
If you think this  may become an issue, please feel free to call and we can explain it in more human terms – but to sum up: Think of MUE as a berry-picking machine, with its own basket (We’ll call it an inbox).  Even though you have multiple types of baskets next to the berry picking machine, not all the berries are going to transport out of the different types of baskets. The inbox is the only folder that will transport email out of GoDaddy. In other words, nothing transfers from the subfolders, only from GoDaddy’s inbox. First what you want to do is move the original inbox from GoDaddy to the destination server via MUE. Then you have to temporarily move the emails from the source inbox into a temporary folder (“temp inbox” is always a popular choice) to empty it on the GoDaddy server. Then,  move the already transferred inbox emails on the destination server into a temp inbox as well.  Then delete the contents of both the destination and source inboxes, since you’ve already moved the contents of both to a safe folder.  Now start moving the subfolder contents by copying them into the inbox.  Then transfer inbox to inbox (source inbox to destination inbox).  Once transferred, create the new basket or subfolder and move what’s in the inbox into the newly created subfolders on your destination server. (Look: the inboxes are like transport pads. On GoDaddy, you’re just going to be using those inboxes over and over again to move over the materials. ) These subfolders should be identical to what was on GoDaddy for efficiency sake. Once transferred out of the destination inbox into the newly created subfolder, then delete what’s in the destination inbox, and start again.
 - MUE Support Team




Transfer 1 Domain Of Email.

Up To 15 Email Addresses.

Transfer 3 Domain Of Email.

Up To 45 Email Addresses.