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How do you work this awesome software? Any tips and tricks?

Yes! Lets focus on 4 things: the spacer gif, left insert button, right insert button,and the free insert button.

The spacer gif: you can find under photos, (its the gray box with nothing in it. The gif is there. The nature of a spacer gif is
for it to be invisible)Use the cursor to place the spacer gif before text or images to move them over or to make space between images and text or images and images.
Insert left, right, or free. Grab the bounding boxes size or spread up, down, left or right (this makes quick indents, spacing, and more quick Pro web editing layouts).

The left insert button: Place cursor before text and images. Click button. Inserts images flush left of text and images.

The right insert button: Place cursor before text and images. Click button. Inserts images flush right of text and images.

The free insert button: Place cursor anyware. Click button. Inserts images after the blinking cursor.

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to develop all the cool layouts of the MassUpdater site?

The first big tip ShiftEnter: In CMS Systems if you hit enter while text editing this will result in a double space. Simply hold
down the Shift and the Enter key and you will get that single space you were looking for. This will work for images as well.

The second big tip: The hotter your images the hotter your site.

Will this work on my site?

Probably! MassUpdater works on most servers and with most sites. Here are our System Requirements: Designed for use on Internet Explorer with any IBM PC
or 100% compatible computer using Microsoft Windows XP or higher environment withMicrosoft Word installed.
Website Requirements: Designed for use on Linux hosting with Apache Server API. Minimum 1 MySQl database; FTP access;
PHP 5; and MySQL 5 required.

Can I use this software on mutiple computers, or do I need a license for each?

We tie your license key to your website's domain, so that you can update your site from anywhere -- even when you are out
of town!

Are there any monthly fees?

Nope. Once you've purchased MassUpdater you're set -- there are no hidden or additional fees involved.

Do I need to host with you in order for this to work?

No -- your existing host can support MassUpdater (so long as it meets the system requirements above, of course). 
I love the new javascript embed anything button!! Where can I find scripts to use on my site?

Scripts.comThere are great scripts all over the web, but our favorite place is Scripts.com. They've got tons of
excellent scripts to make your site sparkle! 



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