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If there is any other company out there that parallels our own devotion to providing small business owners with simple tools for sophisticated results, it's Constant Contact. Nothing that majority of MassUpdater customers are also Constant Contact Customers, we added this perfect new feature to MassUpdater: add any Constant Contact "Subscribe Me" field, "Contact Us" form, or Quiz Widget with a single click!

You don't need to contact your web developer, or learn where to place the information inside your code. Just point and click! This is just one more way that MassUpdater makes your life easier.

Widgets are taking over the web! Widgets are small pieces of code that make content appear on your site. Some e-commerce websites like Amazon will give you widgets to earn money for click-throughs. Advertisers may give you banner ads in widget form.

You can even find widgets for fun content to add to your site -- from Facebook to "Icanhascheezeburger", widgets are the easiest way to add content from other sites onto your own.

Javascript allows you to make your website come to life!
There are free scripts all over the web that you can add to your site for free. They create special effects, calculate totals and just about everything else you can imagine. The problem? Learning how to use them. Some Javascripts require you to add them in what is called the "header" of your website pages, some inside the "body" tag, and some in between the body tags.

Some require different content in all three! Without knowing HTML, how can you find those sections? MassUpdater takes care of that for you. Just paste your script in the box provided and hit submit, and your javascript will be added correctly. Boom! You're a web developer with limitless potential. And I bet you didn't even know.

Simple: doesn't need to be administered by IT department, can be changed by anyone in the office with login access.

Easy to Learn tutorials at our YouTube channel or at our video tutorial page at

No books to study. No new IT people to hire. No maintenance contract necessary.

Affordable, powerful, easy.

Smarter, easier to use

Onsite & Offsite updating

Non-webmaster or webmaster can use it
Can Embed YouTube, embed flash, drop video, sound, buttons, files, newsletters, .pdfs

Add - or delete! - bio pages for employees, and keep their information current

Advanced, Easy-to-use interface

Unique among the web's CMS systems, MassUpdater was built by web developers for the end user





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