Awesome Interface
MassUpdater uses a natural interface -- everything you need to build and maintain your website is available in one screen. You don't need to jump from page to page to find your text, images, and navigation, and then go somewhere else to put them together.

MassUpdater has galleries full of your images and media, ready to add to your website page as you view it. All of your pages are accessible from this same screen. Even creating and handling pages occurs without requiring you to loose your place.

Use Your Own Images
In much of web development, "generic" is substituted for "easy". But with MassUpdater, you don't have to use someone else's website look. You can use all your own content. Your own photos, graphics, and media to design a unique web presence that is all about you.

MassUpdater makes the creation simpler than using a template, and gives you the ability to create a global-class website that is all your own.

Unlimited Page Creation
With MassUpdater, you can create a new page on your website as easily as typing its name. There are no limitations on how many pages you may create -- your website can be as large or small as you like. Using the "make page default" button, you can even create the pages fully-formed with your current layout and design.

Color Picker
MassUpdater makes color management simple and beautiful. Choose from a grid of the most popular colors for your text and background, or choose from every color imaginable. Then add that color to your grid for handy later use! Make your website vibrant -- make it your own -- and don't worry about the code. That's the MassUpdater way.



MouseOver Effects
Mouseovers are special effects done to text that make them change their color or style when a website visitor rolls their mouseover that section of text. Mouseovers are especially helpful in navigation links.

In MassUpdater, you can add these effects in under a minute -- customized to use the exact colors and style you want. Each Mouseover is then saved to a gallery, so you can reuse it as often as you wish throughout your site, maintaining consistency without the headache of remembering a thing. Special effects with special simplicity: another example of the MassUpdater difference.

Uploading Images
Adding images to your website with MassUpdater is so much easier. In just a couple clicks, your photos will be online, on your page, and ready for handy re-use on other pages. Got photos on your camera, but no photo software to size them down? MassUpdater can size them for you automatically, with one button click.

Embeding Youtubes
YouTube videos can promote your business or organization and inform and entertain your visitors for free. But how do you get them onto your website, without knowing HTML? MassUpdater lets you paste the code directly from YouTube into your gallery, and then place the video anywhere you like on your website.

It's a two step process. You can even choose what size you'd like the YouTube to appear. Click a button, and you've got a small thumbnail-sized video on your page.

Embedding Flash
Why sacrifice sophistication for simplicity when you can have both? MassUpdater lets you upload and place Flash animation onto your website quickly and easily. Every Flash file you upload will be saved in a handy gallery for you to add to other pages on your website whenever you like.

With MassUpdater, you can use a Flash intro, Flash navigation, Flash sound files -- the only limitation is your own imagination.


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